Holistic Wellness

Body, Mind & Spirit


The Holistic Wellness Method is committed to providing the highest level of service and best possible outcomes for our clients. We take the time to develop a close relationship and understand each client’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on prompt, clear, and efficient communication. We are always striving to deliver creative, practical solutions to enrich our clients’ lives.

Elise Hatsuko developed The Holistic Wellness Method after years of research with eastern & western medicine providers, various exercise professionals, and numerous places of worship. Our unique approach to wellness for the body, mind, and spirit is meant to actualize the fullness of life for our clients.

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Lifestyle Method


Proper nutrition & movement regulates our body systems.


Disciplined thinking makes space for productivity.


True wellness grows out of a strong foundation in Jesus Christ.


I have a totally new perspective and way of seeing things!

— Manon

I love your book!

— Stephanie


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